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Energetic Alignment

Find your light

Do you find yourself feeling stuck and you've lost momentum?

You've tried everything from therapy, and read all the self help books but you can't seem to shift momentum?

You've been doing all the "right things" but the plan never works out?

Is fear making the decisions for you?

It's time to enjoy inner peace. 

Energetic Alignment uses techniques in breathwork, meditation, movement ( yoga ), Ayurveda and astrology to change the old patterns in your mind, body and spirit. By aligning ourselves from within, we learn to feel good about trusting our own inner guidance and find peace and assurance during difficult times. This allows us to free ourselves from old  memories and behaviors and to live in the present with joy and inspiration. 

My Mission

I help people who experience looping minds and stuck behaviors, overcome fear by rewiring old patterns in the mind and body. Crafting new pathways to illuminate the light of inspiration, intuition and inner peace through an individually tailored plan of action.

About Me

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, symbolically and eternally giving spiritual nourishment to the world. The water from the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. The sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and growth-oriented. Concerned with equality and individual freedom, Aquarius seeks to dispense its knowledge, and its vision of equality and individuality, to all.

I have spent my lifetime dabbling in the arts, yoga and the world of the "woo" since I was a teenager. Astrology, and being an Aquarius was my "in" to seeing the other side, as well as my curiosity in religious mysticism while being brought up catholic. 

After the pandemic I was thrust into teaching art and also called into being a student again. I worked towards my 700 hours of yoga teacher training in Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini. I have expanded credits in meditation and am certified as a coach in Kimberly Beekmans Inner Alignment program. I didn't know what doing all of this studying would provide, but I trusted it would all come it has now. 

I embrace being a synchronicity translator, and guiding my clients through past fears and into the light of their inner strength. 

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