Frequently asked questions

What are you?

Great question! In short, we are a one stop crafting shop. CRAFT is a craft supply store, and multi use work shop space for anything crafty. We host craft parties, fundraisers, baby showers, yoga and even corporate events. You can buy your supplies, take a class, or host an event at CRAFT.

Can I just come in anytime and do a craft?

Unfortunately no. We have so many different things happening at CRAFT, this isnt a possibility right now. Feel free to check out our classes, or you can always book a private session at no additional cost to meet your scheduling needs.

Are your classes just for kids?

Nope! We are primarily based for big kids ( or otherwise known as adults ) but have a ton of other kids classes as well, which can be found in out CRAFT KIDS section If you have a teenager, they can participate in our adult classes, unless otherwise noted.

Can I buy craft supplies from you?

Yes! We are primarily a craft supply store. We are not your usual place so expect to find one of a kind supplies, and all of your basic necessities. What are some things you can find at CRAFT? * Paint supplies, including watercolor, acrylic and eco friendly oil supplies. * Small batch yarns, knitting and crochet supplies. * Melt and Pour Soap * Essential Oils for candles, soap, skin care and more. * Calligraphy supplies * Colorng books, journals, stickers, crayons, markers, etc. * Handmade goods by local artisans.

Can you do a class at my house or office?

Sure! We do offsite classes all the time and love bringing crafting to anywhere you need it. email us for questions and info.

Can I just show up to scheduled class without registering?

We ask for at least 24 hours notice because we do have multiple outside teachers that need time to prepare and have enough supplies. If you have a last minute request, please email us at

Does it cost more for a private lesson?

Nope! There is no additional fee for scheduling a private lesson for a posted class. Just shoot us an email at so we can see what time and dates we have available.

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